Running tunes

I was going to begin this post by saying there are days in late fall or winter where running on a gym treadmill is completely unavoidable, then I paused and realized the conceit of that statement.

Running outside during the winter is avoidable. Sometimes I cannot muster the will to go out in the rain or sleet or snow and plow forward on a planned route.

It is in these moments that my smart phone or iPod and ear buds become¬†indispensable indoor running tools. For those afternoons I find myself on a treadmill looking out at the river through my gym’s north facing windows while a display of tenths of miles and time beat away on the treadmill I must have a distraction from the boredom. (I rarely run with music outdoors.)

Within the past few of these little treadmill jaunts my taste in motivational running music has shifted. Typically running tunes is the heavy beat, rap related, or angry stuff. I”m talking old Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, Black Keys, and so forth to push out the mileage.

Over the past few weeks though a few songs have not left my brain. These softer songs actually found ways to motivate me those last couple virtual laps around the track on the treadmill display.

Personally, I am completely in love with Lana Del Rey’s voice and chase it in my head willingly on a treadmill because of these two songs:


(Thank goodness for the return of the sultry female singer.)

Then there is Dawes, a band I knew next to nothing about, but my motivation and pace rise each time I hear “A Little Bit of Everything.”

Like I said, why the sudden change in taste of treadmill music is a mystery, but I’m enjoying it.

What music moves you on runs? Does it change? Do you typically run without?


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