Dark Knight Rises trailer show times

The film is still a bit ways off but I’m already getting stoked about the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rising.”

The L.A. Times popular culture website recently listed locations and show times for an extended six minute trailer to be shown starting Dec. 16 at I-Max cinemas across the country. The full Hero Complex post can be read here. Of course no theater in Greater Cincinnati is listed with a screening of it and the closest is one cinema in Indianapolis.

Still, I am glad to see Bane (played by Tom Hardy who was also in Nolan’s Inception) will take the part of Batman’s main villain. For those who don’t know Bane is a newish character who broke Batman’s back (and will) in the 90s comic. Speculation is Bruce Wayne will die and a new person introduced in the third film will rise to take on the mantle of Batman. Bold move if the studio allows this (and realizes fans are more than willing to accept reboots of character franchises, much the same way they have been in comics for 75 years).

I have complete faith Nolan will end his run within the Batman franchise strong. In many ways Nolan has done for Batman in the 21st century what Frank Miller did in the 1980s for the character in the comic book. Nolan finally shook off the camp Batman carried outside of comics (and some animation) in movies and created a stark social commentary with the character.

Let’s just hope, pardon the pun here, that in a couple of decades Nolan doesn’t go bat-shit crazy the same way Miller has recently by warping and over-generalizing an entire political movement through interjecting his own vitriolated opinions into the political arena.


One thought on “Dark Knight Rises trailer show times

  1. Can’t pardon the pun. It was a good one and needs to be noted as such. Can’t wait for this flick. Looking forward to the trailer on the big screen. Have no doubt at all Nolan will “finish strong.”

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