Avoidance and other things

I am not doing too well with the NaNoWriMO.

I started strong. 2,088 words on day one. Then nothing.

Instead I ran hills Tuesday (up this brutal route in an area of town called Mount Adams). Literally, one guy ran us up about three miles of incline across this convoluted route. Of course this also meant three miles downhill . . . but still.

I thought I would get caught up on Wednesday, but that was a no-go as well. I could not take the clutter that I built up over the past two weeks in my kitchen. So, I cleaned.

And Thursday saw more running.

Today, Friday, I thought about just writing, but I stepped on the scale. We’ve been getting some pretty awesome free food at work. I’m tipping the scale a bit.

And I’m kind of in a bad mood and stressed now. Working out, especially a long swim, always helps to shake things out.

So, perhaps I’ll write this weekend, or not.

What are the most creative ways you relieve stress, or better yet, avoid certain tasks?


One thought on “Avoidance and other things

  1. I have to say at the first sign I feel like I am avoiding a task I run straight into it. I have learned over the years that to procrastinate begins the cycle of further delay. Now, if I think I’m putting something off when the opportunity clearly exists to do it, I do it. As for the stress part…that gets managed by just always keeping in focus the most important, basic things, giving thanks for all that is good and right each day…working to keep that occupying my mind instead of worrying about bridges I may never have to cross anyway.

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