What I’m doing (and not doing)

I keep meaning to sit down and write out something a little more substantive but I feel tapped out on any potential topic of interest.

My life lately has clearly been defined by two things – work and family.

I have gotten used to the new work schedule of second shifts on weekdays and weekends that consist of working days, plus the second job I took on every Thursday. (The latter really doesn’t feel like a “job” but I still felt I should throw it in there.)

Perhaps I am too comfortable with the schedule. I have done very little to get out and about since it began. On any given Monday I’ll get up to eat, do laundry, and get in a run or to the gym and then before you know it, it is off to work at 4.  When I’m done working on weekends I run to my parents’ house for dinner. Not exactly the stuff of an exciting life, or blog post.

Being an introvert and loner is a natural personality inclination that I know I must consciously check sometimes, unless I want to get miserable or bored and wonder why.

I am running every Tuesday now with someone from the old running group to try to stay connected to that, and trying to mix up my routes the other three days a week to see other parts of the area. I’ve lost so much conditioning it is pitiful. But, with a running partner and some real determination, I am getting back there.

I keep eyeing the calendar. January fast approaches. I don’t think I’ll be able to run with the group for marathon training with this new schedule. That makes me sad, and a decision will need to be made as to whether-or-not I have the motivation to train alone, in winter.

While I weigh that, the only other social activity I’m engaged in is every other Wednesday’s volunteering at the RMDH from 1-5. There are some surprisingly spry 80 year olds there during the day who keep me in stitches. They also want to set me up with their granddaughters, or some  variation of lovely younger relatives. I’m about ready to take them up on the offer too, until I stop to wonder what woman in her right mind would be set up on a blind date by their grandmother. No man in his right mind would entertain the idea either, but I’ve never been right and its been months since I even attempted a date. Again, with the whole loner thing.

We’ll see what happens. I hope to take a week of vacation soon, am entertaining the idea of doing the National Novel Writing Month thing again, and perhaps actually going on a date website (who am I kidding, I already have). Usually this will lead to the most engrossing of (mis)adventures to share.


3 thoughts on “What I’m doing (and not doing)

  1. I know a couple of people who have met nice dates on those sites. You never know, right? but what I REALLY came over here to say is, if you want to be NaNoWriMo buddies again, I would be so excited! Let me know if you decide to!

  2. Tiffany, I always think of your prompting whenever considering NaNoWriMo. I actually started a story a few months ago and then stopped. I think I’ve got a full novel there, if I can just motivate my self to do it regularly. I hope I can. The last time I did participated it was fulfilling.

    And Joyce, you are right. At least I have that. And that is actually a pretty good thing indeed. I appreciate the reminder. I also plan to read more of your blog.

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