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Light beams were used to symbolize the missing...

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What an odd, odd day.

Today, Sunday, Sept. 11, I sat in front of a computer all day, building out 9/11 photo galleries from wire services to post online as part of a package commemorating the tenth anniversary of the attacks.

I saw hundreds of photos from events across the country and world. I was awash in images of grief and strength and horror and loss and hope. The emotion of it was a bit much. In the end, due to the process, I couldn’t build enough galleries to post online and share with our audience everything documented today.

Sometimes I wanted to stop and cry a bit at what I saw. Sometimes, I thought maybe the coverage a bit too much, then realized that perhaps that is me. I like my mourning and reflection to be done alone and quietly, or perhaps in written words. Candid photos seem so, well, personal. There is no editing what is written on a person’s face.

And all of that was juxtaposed with images of football and baseball. One season coming to an end for one home team. Another season beginning for the other. So awed, reflecting back on something large and tragic and not fully comprehended paired with something as everyday and disposable as a game. Our cultural life going on as it takes time to pause.

So, I came home kind of drained and then weepy as I watched the opening of the Sunday night football game with all of its fanfare and remembrance. My heart went out to all those who lost someone as a result of 9/11. And I remembered, as best it can, life goes on, if not a bit more complicated and with the mundane being more punctuated than before that day that changed a lot of things.

As someone else stated earlier in the day, it’s been a very long decade.


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