The clip from the Craig Ferguson show aired well over a year ago. I remember seeing it online as soon as it posted. A year later I randomly remember it and watch it again. It just makes me laugh, this strange mash-up of my two current favorite things on television, Ferguson and the BBC’s Doctor Who (an epic and inventive, off-beat and fun, science fiction show that has been around well over 50 years now).

And for all of its kitsch, Ferguson actually does a great job capturing the spirit of the tv series with the song’s refrain.


A confluence of nerdy awesomeness

3 thoughts on “A confluence of nerdy awesomeness

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  2. Three cheres for Three cheres for Craig Ferguson!! I’ve watched several Dave Barry interviews, and I love his humor and have developed several major religions around his books, but I think he gets really nervous and really defensive during interviews (just a thought. Or maybe he really is kind of an in real life), and I’m so impressed with how well Craig Ferguson sort of handled things. Huzzah!

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