On the road again

My approach to healing has been tentative and I have been wary to try running great distances again after fracturing both tibia this spring.

On Thursday, Aug. 11, I ran my first 10K in three months. I was impressed at how much fitness my body actually retained in terms of not needing to stop because of shortness of breath.

Of course, I did not run as fast as I once did. I kept worrying about phantom pains and hoping I wasn’t hurting my legs.

In the end, my Garmin Forerunner 305 clocked me at an average pace of 8 minutes and 51 seconds per mile. Not bad, but comparatively, in March, two months into my marathon training, dramatically slower.  I ran a 10K with a running chip that tracked my time at a 7 minute 36 second pace, or about 47 minutes then.

I am building back up though. I used the foam roller to start brutalized muscle again, and am considering yoga to stretch those muscles, make them more pliable, and increase balance when I run in an attempt to prevent a repeat of injury.

I am also tentatively planning running the Cincinnati Half Marathon again this October. It was my first half last year and may do something to mark my “triumphant” return to running. I think I can handle that distance.

Below is the latest runs recorded on my Garmin, and yes, I am picking up the frequency of my runs.


One thought on “On the road again

  1. My experience is that the running chips are mighty, mighty depressing when compared to the GPS. But dude, take it easy.

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