Time for a change

Time to move on. It’s time to get going. – Tom Petty

I am going to get sappy for a minute. I am good at sappy. It is what I do when I’m not being aloof, or grouse or too hard on myself or self-absorbed (though I can do the latter while doing many other things).

Recently I made a work decision that will take me in a new direction. I interviewed and applied and was accepted for a position within the company I work for.

This new role will take me from Monday through Friday 9 to 5 hours to weekends with some late shifts and Wednesday and Thursday off. The structure of my time will be upended.

With any decision I ever make, I end up a bit sad and uncertain when the time comes to shifting gears.

For seven years I have done nearly the same thing. I pushed my nose into the communities I grew up in and around, and I helped fill three weekly newspapers with two reporters.

I cussed. I cried every great once in a while. I winced at some things. Overall, I took pride from what I did with the time and resources I had.

Honestly, I took great joy in celebrating the accomplishment of families, promoting good causes in the community and having people informed on a local level. I’m a nerd. I dig community journalism.

I will miss all that. I am already a bit emotional over it. The work became like family, but it is not.

I got this itch. Some things in my life had to change.

This current opportunity presented itself and I just went for it. And I got it and I didn’t think about the emotions that would go with it.

I am ready for it and I am not. I am excited and I am sad.

I know change is necessary and we’ll see where this one will take me, but I will definitely miss the wonderful people and places and even the occasional difficult source and  critic I met along the way.

I’ll also miss the small opportunities to write and see my name in print. But every situation is about mindset, positivity and having some end goals in mind. I have some of those too with this new position.

So, I guess it is time to move on, time to get going, with what lies ahead, well I have no way of knowing.

And as far as the writing is concerned, perhaps now is the time to start that novel. I have a name picked out in my head and a little black Moleskin journal with some plot points.

Down the road we go.


2 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Excited for you to make a change. I think change is hard too, but it should be fun too! Also funny, is your last line is “Down the road we go” and is followed by a toilet ad 🙂 My immature brain thought that was funny.

    • Darn self generating Google ads! But that really did make me laugh Lauren. I’ll miss working with your husband every day too. We have such nerdtastic conversations, had some of the most insightful debates about technology and social media, and he always provides some of the most funny websites on the Internet.

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