Test flights

Easy does it.

I am trying my best to ease back into running.

Since the July 4th weekend, roughly 60 days since the marathon (which now feels like a lifetime ago by-the-way), I ran five times.

I ran twice on a treadmill and the other three on relatively flat surfaces 2.5 to 4 miles. In general my outdoor routes looked something like this:

¬†Basically long, flat stretches with very little hills. The greatest challenge to myself so far was the heat. (near 95 with a 112 heat index. We have humidity like no one’s business in the Ohio valley)

Every pain or twinge during the first two runs had me fearing a return visit to the boot and the orthopedic doctor. My leg felt a little tender (in my head or not) after the second run, so I eased off a week.

When I returned this past Saturday at a park all the fear and anxiety left me. I ran an easy three with a sense of ease and freedom familiar to when I first felt distance running was possible for me.

Even the treadmill has been fun.

Here are my stats according to my Garmin Forerunner (note my average treadmill pace is now the same as my latest run):


2 thoughts on “Test flights

  1. So I’m guessing you won’t be jumping into the Roncker’s group? I gotta admit, summer time is a nice time to retreat from distance running. It’s a lot tougher in the heat.

  2. Hilly my plan is to try and run the Cincinnati Half this fall and perhaps a 5K or two. My one leg bothered me a bit after a couple of runs. And, yes, I am sure this heat must be brutal.

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