Let’s try this again . . .

It’s been a while.

I randomly posted here and there over the past month, but nothing’s really been the same since my three stress fractures and a marathon.

For two and a half months I  ran three times – once on a treadmill and twice outside. I found other things to do (insert an insane amount of focus on work here). I grow restless.

And when I do, I tend to want to change something. Typically it is this blogging thing.

I cannot tell you the number of changes and permutations my blogs have been through over the years. Some have been good and felt right. Others were down right bad ideas from the start.

I am not going to try to even feign some sort of grand idea or agenda here. There isn’t one. It’s just me writing about stuff and posting some photos.

There are a few regulars who visit here. I hope they are still around. I like you westerners and New Zealanders, former college pals, runners, triathletes, bored folk, other writers and malcontents.

Basically, I doubt a lot will change here. I’m sure I’ll write about a lot of the same stuff.

I’m just weird. I like clean breaks and new attempts from time to time.

If I pick up a few stragglers along the way, that is great too. I like having new friends. And here are some other things I like:

  • Music
  • Running
  • Musing
  • Social media

Oh, and I am 35 and the editor for a set of suburban weeklies somewhere in the middle of America.


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